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Terry-Deb was considered at 1942 model-year sedan cruiser. The design was a carryover from the 1941 model and remained unchanged from that year. These sedan cruisers were originally powered with a Hercules flathead six-cylinder engine (model "M") and could be optioned with twin Hercules (model "Ks"). Cabin top and decks were covered with canvas and were painted Chris-Craft blue; waterline bootstripe was dark blue over a copper-bronze bottom paint. Cabin sides were stained Chris-Craft mahogany red and the boats typically left the factory with only three coats of varnish.

The sedan's overall length was 30 feet, its beam 9 feet and draft 2 feet. Fuel capacity was 60 gallons under the cockpit floor and water was in twin tanks above the forward V-berth, holding fifteen gallons. Terry-Deb's water tanks were moved from their suspended location to below the forward cabin berths to allow more access to the cabin as well as comfort for my sister an I as we slept.

Terry-Deb's Chris-Craft hull number was 29534. It was stamped in the edge of a stringer of the cockpit access hatch. Chris-Craft hull numbers are generally found stamped on engine hatches; Terry-Deb and the sedans like her had no engine hatch, so it could be found on the next closest thing. Her Washington State Registration number was WN 909 B, and no longer comes up with any matches in state records.

Particulars on the 1941 Sedan Cruiser were obtained from Chris-Craft: The Essential Guide by Jerry Conrad, the Chris-Craft Collection archivist at the Mariner's Museum in Newport News, Virginia.