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Welcome Aboard Terry-Deb

That is, my memory of Terry-Deb, a 1941 30 foot Chris-Craft sedan cruiser my family owned from 1974 to 1989. I was practically raised aboard Terry-Deb (my first boat trip was when I was 2 years old) and as a result, I have engrained in me a deep appreciation for the water and classic wooden boats.

Rescued from the bottom of the Duwamish River and lovingly restored to nearly-new condition by my father Jim and Grandfather George Paynton, Terry-Deb was our home-away-from-home and my parents were able to teach my sister Mary and me to respect and love the water aboard her. As Mary and I got older, we were hitting our heads on every bulkhead, packing a lot more clothes than our one drawer would handle for three weeks and my parents were eyeing a 1940 42 foot Double Cabin Chris-Craft across from Terry-Deb at Salmon Bay Marina in Seattle called Maranee.

Terry-Deb was sold in April of 1989 and has only been seen twice since that time. Since my last time to see her, I have only been able to find out that her registration had lapsed and as a result, the state has purged her records from its system.

This web site is intended to be my vehicle for tracking down the old girl, hopefully with a little of your help. Feel free to explore Terry-Deb the only way I can any more, through these pictures and sounds from a time I still hold dear.

I welcome and encourage your comments, sightings and stories (if you have them) to help further my quest of seeing Terry-Deb again. I can be reached at m.paynton@comcast.net.

Thank you for your interest and enjoy what Terry-Deb's story has to offer.

Matthew Paynton
July, 2005

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